API Testing using Postman #1 Introduction & Installation

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3 min readOct 11, 2023

Welcome to our latest automation testing tutorial series, which focuses on API Testing using Postman, a tutorial designed for beginners. This is the first tutorial in the API testing tutorial series. In it, you will learn about the following things:

What is API?

APIs are protocols and definitions that allow two software components to communicate with each other.

For instance, the weather bureau’s computer program has information about the weather every day. The weather app on your phone communicates with this system via APIs, delivering you daily weather information directly to your phone.

In order to perform a designed function built around sharing data and executing pre-defined processes, APIs are needed to bring applications together. They serve as intermediaries, allowing developers to establish novel programmatic interactions among the diverse applications utilized by individuals and enterprises on a daily basis.

What is Postman?

  • Postman is an API client that is utilized for testing HTTP and REST APIs.
  • Postman is a testing API (Application Programming Interface) platform that facilitates the creation, testing, design, modification, and documentation of APIs. The application provides a user-friendly graphical user interface for transmitting and examining HTTP requests and responses.
  • This application provides the user with the capability to generate various HTTP requests, including but not limited to GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and convert the API into code for programming languages such as JavaScript and Python.

Why use Postman?

  • It is straightforward to configure CRUD requests through the GUI interface.
  • Supports multiple header, raw data, and param options at once.
  • Showed responses in different formats like text or JSON.
  • This tool allows users/teams to build collections for their API-calls. Every collection has the capability to generate multiple requests and subfolders. It will also aid the user in arranging the test suites.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of API calls, the addition of inspection or verification of successful HTTP responses can be incorporated to ensure checkpoints.
  • The concept of multiple environments reduces the number of tests that are replicated, since multiple testers can use the same set but in a different setting.
  • The postman console helps to fix problems with the data and keep track of what information is being retrieved.
  • To enhance the sharing of files, you can import or export collections and environments. You can also share the collections by using a direct connection instead.

Postman SetUp


  • User should have basic knowledge of API, Automation & manual testing.
  • Basic Concepts of HTML Requests
  • Working knowledge of handling JSON files.

Download & Installation

  • Before downloading, it is recommended that the user should have a postman account or sign up with a Google account. It will help the user to save configuration automatically to the postman server in caseof accidental failure.
  • Copy & paste the following link to the tab and download Postman https://www.postman.com/downloads/
  • And choose system-compatible version 32 bit / 64 bit.

Video Tutorial:




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