What is a Test case & Test Plan?

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Welcome to the Software Testing Training series. In the last tutorial, we talked about the SDLC concept & its phases.

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All right!! Let’s move ahead. In this tutorial, we will explore the following concepts:

1. Test case.

2. Test plan.

Test case

It is a series of steps, or a set of execution conditions, with specified inputs to test the correct behavior/functionality, and features of the application. The goal of a test case is to divide software functionality into a small unit of function that can be tested with specified input and generate a measurable result.

A test case is a feature or function that should be run with a set number of inputs and given certain conditions and produce results that match what you expected.

How to write a good test?

  1. The test case should be accurate and should test what is intended to be tested.
  2. The test case should not have steps that are redundant.
  3. The test case should be able to be reused. You can use a test case to test different application features.
  4. The test case should be able to be correlated with the test requirements.
  5. The test case should be different from the other test cases. Your test case doesn’t depend on anything else, and you should be able to run it in any order without having to worry about the next one.
  6. The test case should be simple and understandable. To ensure that other testers have a clear understanding of your test case by simply reading it once.
  7. Make sure that the test case covers all positive and negative scenarios.

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Test plan

A test plan is a document that outlines the testing methodology for a given system. It is the basis for testing software or machines. The test plan provides detailed information regarding the test project and the resources to be utilized during testing. It defines features to be tested, test design technique, entry & exit criteria, testing environment, dependencies of tester, and risks, as well as schedule.

The goal of the Test Plan document is to:

  • Explain the methodology used by testing to evaluate the product, as well as the outcomes (taken from the Test Methodology)
  • Organize the product into distinct parts and pinpoint the features of the product that need to be examined.
  • Describe the procedures to be followed for testing sign-off and product release.
  • Describe the tools you used to test the product.
  • The resource and scheduling plans should be listed.
  • Provide the contact persons information that is responsible for various areas of the project.
  • Find out about risks and plans that might affect the testing of the product.
  • Specify bug management procedures for the project.
  • Set criteria for when development drops should be accepted for testing.

Types of Test Plan

1. Master Test Plan: A single high-level Test plan for a testing system that unifies all other types of test plans.

2. Testing level: Test plans for each level of Testing:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Test Plan
  • System Test Plan
  • Acceptance Test Plan

3. Testing Type: Testing plans for a major type of testing like performance Test plan, and security Test plan.


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